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    All students at Jamerson use the Dreambox math enrichment program at school to support learning.  Dreambox is a web-based computer program where students play games designed to teach math.  Your child can continue to play Dreambox at home using a computer or a tablet and his/her unique login to Clever.

    Dreambox lessons start out simple and get more challenging as the students progress. When they reach a challenging level, your child should attempt the problem and use the visual and oral feedback provided to help them figure out why their answer did or did not work. The oral and visual feedback provided with each lesson will help students figure out how to solve the problems.

    How to help your child when they get stuck:
    You should not give your child the correct answer to get them past the game with which they are struggling.   Ask you child the following questions to help them think through the problems:

    o What do you notice about the lesson?
    o Describe the strategy that you are going to use?
    o Once you have used the strategy, pay attention to the feedback. What did you learn?
    o How will you change your strategy based on the feedback?

    You may need to ask these questions several times to help your child think through the math in the games and levels. Encourage your child to take risks and ask them to explain what they learn from the wrong answers.