We strive on a daily basis to provide innovative ways to incorporate technology into our curriculum using best teaching practices. Our school has an integrated computer network, phone, security, and media retrieval system. We have been working very hard to provide the most updated technology utilizing the many computers that we have along with the latest software packages available.

    Our school's permanent computer lab is composed of Dell computers and we have mobile lab class units. We have a TV production studio, editing equipment, SMART boards, classroom computers that are on the LAN & WAN (internet) and excellent training for students, teachers, staff and parents. We are utilizing the equipment to its fullest so that our children are equipped for success.

    Some Features of Our Program:

    • SMART boards or MimioTeach Interactive systems
    • LCD Projectors and document cameras
    • K-5 instruction of computer basics and related technologies (e.g., video camera)
    • Internet connected computers in all classrooms
    • Integration of technology into all facets of our curriculum, especially our magnet focus areas
    • Daily in-house news broadcast from our video production studio
    • Computer lab
    • Mobile (laptop) computer lab

    Recommended Tech Sites:

    Kids Click!
    Web search engine for kids contains more than 5,200 sites (grades 4-8)

    ABCya children's educational computer activities created or approved by certified school teachers

    Students test "Rules of the Road" knowledge to earn an internet license

    Internet Safety and Cyberbullying:

    Safe Florida
    Internet safety tips for parents from the Attorney General of the State of Florida

    Protect children online
    Teach your children to STOP - BLOCK - TELL and learn other strategies to protect them online