Our nationally recognized Spanish language team has developed special home activities for all students. We offer Spanish instruction for all grades, and every class visits Café Olé, the Spanish Lab, on a regular basis for enrichment activities.

    This is a dedicated and quality early-learning Spanish program. Benefits of learning another language include broadening of our students understanding of cultures, strengthening grammatical skills in all languages (including English), and giving students an applicable skill in our modern globalized world.

    Some Features of Our Program:

    • Our Foreign Language (FLES) team was one of the ten programs featured in the book, Lessons Learned
    • Uses only Spanish to provide daily instruction and activities which enable students to naturally acquire functional language
    • Integrates a variety of language development activities with the elementary curriculum, resulting in meaningful language practice which enhances overall student cognitive growth
    • Provides opportunities classroom teachers to practice Spanish throughout the school day
    • Seeks to use the Spanish language and culture as a vehicle to accomplish goal of highest student achievement
    • Coordinates learning activities, like the La Familia play, with Spanish teachers in other area schools.

    To view the Spanish curriculum click here.

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