• To the parents of the Class of 2023





    Please review the following information with your graduate:


    1) Buy your yearbook early! Do not forget to pre-order your yearbook at Balfour.com and SAVE MONEY. Payment plan are also available. **Please note, once the last book is sold, additional yearbooks cannot be ordered.    


    2) Yearbook Ad Sales: If you would like to purchase a senior ad or an ad for your business, you must do so by February 1st or before we run out of space.

    Ad Prices

    $325 - full page

                                                                      $200 - half page               

    $100 - quarter page

    $100 - personalized video


    Please Note: We cannot reserve ad space. We will consider an ad sold when we have received your pictures, words, and payment. If you would like to purchase an ad, you may do so at the Warhawk Shop (https://warhawk-shop.myshopify.com/). All pictures and messages must then be submitted to Ms. Gilbert via flashdrive (in D-4)  or via email (gilbertca@pcsb.org). 


    Ad Content:

    • This is a student-run publication. Ads are designed and edited by students.
    • Ads may NOT be previewed prior to publication.
    • We cannot accept layouts for your ad. Ad layouts are custom designed for each yearbook. 
    • We cannot accept pre-made collages. 
    • We cannot accept photos printed on copy paper.
    • We cannot print photos or words that have a copyright restriction unless you give us written permission from the individual who holds the copyright.
    • Photos may NOT be cut by hand.
    • Photos should be saved as a tiff or jpeg file with a 300 dpi resolution.
    • Photos with any form of nudity or pictures that promote violence or the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or firearms will NOT be printed.
    • Messages must be typed or written in legible handwriting.
    • All photos and messages MUST be kept in our possession until distribution.
    • We cannot guarantee the return of your CD, flash drive or pictures.
    • Please try to limit the number of pictures you submit. We suggest no more than 4 pictures for a quarter-page, no more than 8 pictures for a half-page, and no more than 16 pictures for a full-page ad. Videos may not exceed 15 minutes.


    5) Contact Information: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 727-547-7536 or gilbertca@pcsb.org.




    Candace Gilbert

    Warrior Yearbook Adviser

    Seminole High School