Name Position E-mail
Barden Art
Brittain Principal
Browett Science
Cox Science
Craig English
Crellin Math
Dellert Science
Delphonse Foreign Language
Demuth Math
DeRuzzo Physical Education
Drake English
Faris Guidance Counselor
Field Registered Nurse
Foster Exceptional Education
Frewin Math
Gavin Center for Education and Leadership (CEL)
Gentry Exceptional Education
Gilbert English
Gonzalez-Wright Spanish
Hanak English
Harle Exceptional Education
Healey English
Hoag Physical Education
Hohmann Math
Hooper English
Jedlovec ESE associate
Johnson P. Social Studies
Jones School Office Clerk II
Jones C. Exceptional Education
Kennan Science
Kent Exceptional Education
Killalea Business Department
Kindinger Science
Kraeter Guidance Counselor
Lally Social Studies
Leclerc-Miller Math
Leocata World Languages (Spanish)
Lucas Administration
Malley Technology Technician
Mandrinan Band Director
Marlett Math
Martin English
Martin T. Math
McCarthy Social Studies
McKee Assistant Principal
Merryman TV Production/GMC Academy
Miller D. Exceptional Education
Miller S. English Track and Field Coach
Monroe Supp fac
Nack Business Technology
Natoli V. Science
Nerney M Alternative Ed Teacher
Norris Science
O'Grady Food Service Manager IV
Outlaw ESE associate
Pekrul English
Perlin Social Studies
Pincus Science
Poinsette ESE associate
Price Health
Prichard, P Principal Secretary
Pritchard, J Social Studies
Reed Social Studies
Reilly English
Riedmiller Riedmiller
Riley Math
Ring Science
Rogers English
Rohrer Alg. 1 Cr.
Rubin Guidance Counselor
Russell Math
San Filippo ESE associate
Santell Math
Savage Assistant Principal
Scales Business Technology
Schnake Math
Schultz English
Scott Assistant Principal
Sears Performing Arts
Short Social Studies
Smith Social Studies
Smith T English
Soto ESE associate
Spurgeon Social Studies/Center for Education and Leadership(CEL)
Sterling Library Media/Tech Specialist
Stowers Science
Stuart ESE associate
Sunnucks Social Studies
Sweeney ESE associate
Swift Social Studies
Thomas Head Plant Operator IV
Tipton Math
Vasquez Senior Data Management
Vaughn - Grantges Science
Velasquez World Languages (Spanish)
Wagoner Math
Walker Math
Walker J SRO
Wall Science