Diesel Systems Technician 1 & 2

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    Diesel Systems Technician 1 - 1050 hours
    Diesel Systems Technician 2 - 750 hours 
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    Mission: The mission of this program is to prepare students for employment as medium and heavy duty truck or bus technicians.

    Diesel Systems Technician consist of two programs: Diesel Systems Technician 1 – T650100 (1050 hours) and Diesel Systems Technician 2 – T650200 (750 hours).

    Students must complete Diesel Systems 1 or demonstrate mastery of the program outcomes prior to enrollment in Diesel Systems Technician 2.

    These programs prepare the student for the following certifications:

                               ASE-MTT                                 ASE-MMHTT


    These programs consist of a planned sequence of courses.

    Diesel System Technician 1

    Diesel Engine Mechanic/Technician Helper - Course DIM0101 (150 Hours) – Training includes basic skills and safety, diesel engine fundamentals, service and repair manuals, engine rebuild and overhaul, and employability skills and entrepreneurship.

    Diesel Electrical and Electronics Technician - Course DIM0102 (300 Hours) – This content of this course covers basic electrical, electronics, general electrical systems diagnosis, battery diagnosis and repair, starting system diagnosis and repair, charging system diagnosis and repair, lighting systems diagnosis and repair, gauges and warning devices diagnosis and repair, computers and computerized fuel systems.

    Diesel Engine Technician - Course DIM0104 (300 Hours) – This content builds on the previous Courses DIM0101 and DIM0102. This course covers general engine diagnosis, cylinder head and valve train diagnosis and repair, engine block diagnosis and repair, lubrication systems diagnosis and repair, cooling system diagnosis and repair, air induction and exhaust systems diagnosis and repair, fuel systems diagnosis and repair, electronic fuel management system diagnosis and repair, and engine brakes.

    Diesel Brakes Technician - Course DIM0105 (300 Hours) – This course covers the air supply and service systems, mechanical/foundation, parking brakes, hydraulic brake systems, mechanical/foundation, power assist units, air and hydraulic antilock brake systems (ABS), and automatic traction control (ATC).

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    Diesel System Technician 2

    Diesel Engine Preventive Maintenance Technician - Course DIM0103 (150 Hours) – This content builds on the previous Courses DIM0101 and DIM0102 and includes engine preventative maintenance. This course covers maintenance and repairing of engine, fuel systems, air induction and exhaust system, cooling system, lubrication system, cab and hood, instruments and controls, safety equipment, hardware, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), electrical/electronics, battery and starting systems, charging system, lighting system, frame and chassis, air brakes, hydraulic brakes, drive train, suspension and steering systems, tires and wheel, frame and fifth wheel.

    Diesel Heating and Air-Conditioning Technician - Course DIM0106 (150 Hours) – This content builds on the previous Courses DIM0101, DIM0102, DIM0103, DIM0104, DIM0105, and includes HVAC systems diagnosis, service and repair, A/C system and component diagnosis, service, and repair, A/C system general, compressor and clutch, evaporator, condenser, and related components, heating and engine cooling systems diagnosis, service and repair, operating systems and related controls, diagnosis and repair of A/C electrical systems and air/vacuum/mechanical systems, refrigerant recovery, recycling, and handling.

    Diesel Steering and Suspension Technician - Course DIM0107 (150 Hours) – This content builds on the previous Courses DIM0101, DIM0102, DIM0103, DIM0104, DIM0105, and DIM0107. This course covers and includes diagnosis and repair of: steering systems, suspension systems, wheel alignment, wheels and tires, frame service and repair.

    Diesel Drive Train Technician - Course DIM0108 (150 Hours) – This content builds on the previous Courses DIM0101, DIM0102, DIM0103, DIM0104, DIM0105, DIM0107, and DIM0108. This course covers maintenance and repair of power train systems and components which includes; clutch diagnosis and repair, transmission, diagnosis and repair, driveshaft and universal joint diagnosis and repair, drive axle diagnosis and repair. Also, includes maintenance and repair of power train systems and components.

    Diesel Hydraulics Technician - Course DIM0109 (150 Hours) – This content builds on the previous Courses DIM0101, DIM0102, DIM0103, DIM0104, and DIM0105 and includes maintaining and repairing of hydraulic systems. General system operation, pumps, filtration/reservoirs (tanks), hoses, fittings, and connections, control valves, and actuators.

    Distance Education: Not available at this time

    Industry Certification(s): National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) – various levels

    Minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirement:  70%

    Minimum Attendance Requirement:  80%

    Basic Skills Exit Requirement for Program CompletionStudent's competency in computation (mathematics) and communication (reading/language arts) is assessed; required basic skills grade levels are: Computation - 9 and Communication - 9.

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