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  •  Tampa Bay Machining Apprenticeship Program

    Admissions Contact:  (727) 538 - 7167, ext. 2202

    Length:  Competency-based

    Total Cost:  $180 (NIMS books - most companies assist with cost)

    Mission: The mission of the Tampa Bay Machining Apprenticeship is to improve business, people, and communities through precision machining training.

    Description: The Machining Apprenticeship offered at PTC is the curriculum of The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) Apprenticeship. This is a competency-based program that allows students to complete modules based on their level of skill proficiency, which shortens the amount of time required to complete the program. There are several benefits to this program, such as an easy-to-follow curriculum, standardized testing, and opportunities that can result in nationally recognized certifications. NIMS offers 10 different Apprenticeships, which include Machinist, CNC Machinist, Tool & Die maker and Mold Maker.

    Requirements: An applicant must be 18 years of age or older and have a high school diploma or GED (copy required). It is also a requirement that you are employed by a company that will sponsor you through your Apprenticeship, making sure you receive the training you need.

    Get started: If you meet the above requirements, schedule and complete an interview with the Machining Apprenticeship Coordinator.

    Cost(s): There are some expenses that are recommended that your company assist the Apprentices with covering:

    • Books for the NIMS program cost $180.00 when you purchase them online from Delmar Cengage Learning. The books that we use
        • Precision Machining Technology
        • Precision Machining Technology Workbook
    • There are 12 certifications available, depending on the Apprenticeship - the program has a Gene Haas grant that pays for the certifications!
    • The cost of the classes is paid for by the State of Florida.


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    Contact Information:

    Norman Reed, Machining Apprenticeship Coordinator

    (727) 538-7167, ext. 2202

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    * Length of program and all costs are approximate and subject to change.