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    Length 1050 hours
    Admissions Contact Lidija Milisav -
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    Mission: The mission of this program is to provide students with the skills needed for employment in the Interior Decorating Industry. Throughout this course, students will experience a "hands on” approach using the design tools, materials, and computer software used in the industry. Design history, color, furniture, and space planning, along with many other detailed aspects of design will be included in this program. After completing the program, students will have the knowledge and the skills to be successful in this profession.

    This program prepares the student for the following credentialing exam:


    Students who complete all four courses in the program are eligible to take the nationally recognized C.I.D. exam from Certified Interior Decorators International, use the C.I.D. appellation at the end of their names, and call themselves Professional Certified Interior Decorators.


    Program V200600 consists of a planned sequence of courses:

    Sales Representative/Color Consultant - Course HEV0412 (200 Hours) – Instruction includes opportunities, employment skills, sales techniques, and professional organizations. Students will receive training on the elements and principles of design, human factors, and the identification and use of the tools and equipment used in the design process along with basic inventory skills. A more extensive training of color theory and the color wheel will be explored.

    Furniture Arranger/Space Planner - Course HEV0452 (350 Hours) – Takes instruction of Course HEV0412 and continues on with a more extensive training on space planning, architectural symbols, blueprint interpretations, measurement and calculations of floor plans and furniture placement. The elements and principles of design will be studied more closely. Students will go to advanced instruction on the history of design, furniture, and color. We will analyze the importance of sustainable or "green design” and its effect on the design industry. Students will learn the ability to use computer software to implement projects and the Internet for research. Students will learn sales and presentation skills necessary in this profession.

    Merchandise Stylist/Visual Displayer - Course HEV0453 (300 Hours) – Instruction from Course HEV0412 and Course HEV0452 will be used throughout this completion point. Students will go onto the advanced stages of the decorating industry using a "hands on” instructional approach. Instruction will include decorative styles, evolution of housing architecture and interior decorating, furniture construction and materials used. Students will learn to identify furniture, textiles, flooring, and hard surfaces, wall treatments and finishes, window treatments, hardware, lighting, accessories, and how to apply them to client criteria. They will learn the basics of cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, audio/visual technology and their appropriate uses. They will learn the skills necessary to identify, apply, measure, and calculate for materials needed for design projects based on a client criteria. Interactive class participation and a "hands on” approach with materials will be used throughout this sequence. Students will learn how to implement and present a design project.

    Interior Decorator/Interior Consultant - Course HEV0413 (200 Hours) – This course includes an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship. Students will research procedures needed to start up a business. Students will be required to plan and implement a project using all the instruction, tools, and materials learned throughout this program. Students will compile and present a portfolio to include a resume, biographical data, project pictures and any other applicable information. Students will be required to then give an oral presentation.

    Distance Education: Not available at this time

    Educational Partner in good standing with Certified Interior Decorators International, Inc. 

    Minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirement:  70%

    Minimum Attendance Requirement:  70%

    Basic Skills Entrance/Exit Requirements:  Student's competency in computation (mathematics) and communication (reading/language arts) is pre-assessed; required basic skills grade levels are: Computation - 9 and Communication - 9.

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    Program length and costs are approximate, and subject to change.

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