GED, Adult Basic Education and ESOL

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    ESOL @ PTC-CLW | Pinellas High Innovation

    Our mission is to prepare students for academic, technical, and personal success.
    Our staff strives to inspire and motivate students to become
    productive, self-sufficient members of society. 

    We offer ESOL on our PTC-CLW | Pinellas High Innovation campus.

    Our adult education programs offer self-paced learning centers with experienced instructors and the following classes:

    • ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)



    PHI esol summer

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    • Choose a career from the many programs offered by Pinellas Technical College, or get your GED.  See a guidance counselor for assistance.
    • Take the CASAS test - make sure to bring a photo ID (required) and dress according to the PCSB dress code when you come to test; arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled testing time.  For the CASAS test schedule and locations, please click here.
    • You will receive your test results as soon as you finish testing! 
    • An individualized plan of study will be created for you, to help you meet your goals - there are self-paced classes that will fit into your busy schedule.
    • It's really pretty simple ... all you need to do is get started!


    Attendance is flexible and the curriculum is tailored to suit your needs.

    Class Schedules

    PTC-CLW | Pinellas High Innovation 

     Evenings in Room 12-1

     4:30p - 8:30p, M - Th

    The cost per term is $45.  In addition, a $5 fee for an identification badge will be required of all students, and there may be an additional $5 fee for parking (if applicable).

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    ESOL Welcome Flyers also available in ...

    Albanian | Arabic | Polish |Portugese | Russian | Spanish | Ukrainian