Visual Arts

  • Julie Smith

    Smith When I was growing up, I used to spend my free time drawing comic characters. My family told me that I had a talent for art. I signed up for an art class in middle school and found that I loved creating art! When I got to high school I took as many art classes as my schedule would allow. My art teachers taught me how to draw, paint and sculpt. My love for art grew with every class I enrolled in. I decided to have a career as an art educator. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana and a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from USF.

    When I moved to Florida, I first taught high school art. When I heard about the Center for the Arts Magnet program I knew it was the place for me! I love teaching art focus and art elective classes at John Hopkins middle!

    One of my goals is to teach students that creating art is good for the heart and soul. Working with art materials and solving visual problems can help individuals get a better sense of themselves and their reaction to the world around them. Art experiences allow for the expression of ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Art can cause people to smile, laugh, or relax by looking at something beautiful. Creating art helps students to become creative thinkers and problem solvers.

    Art students at John Hopkins are encouraged to gain sophisticated skills in a variety of media including: drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, ceramics, and digital art. They learn about famous artists and styles, and art created by people in different areas of the world. Our talented students enter many art exhibitions and receive awards locally and nationally.