• Fundamental Meeting Requirements
    To show support for the school, parent/guardian attendance at either Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) or School Advisory Committee (SAC) meetings is required.  CFMS has no make-up policy for the 2018-2019 school year.  You must attend either a PTA or a SAC meeting each month.  
    • Each attendee may represent only one family.  
    • If circumstances arise which make it impossible for a parent to attend a required meeting, a representative (18 years or older, not representing another CFMS family) may be sent.  If a parent needs to exercise this option, he/she must call the office of the principal by the morning of the meeting day.  It is the parent's responsibility to make the representative aware of all obligations.  
    • Attendees are expected to arrive on time for meetings. PTA/SAC attendance credit will not be given for anyone arriving 15 or more minutes late.
    • Attendees must stay until the meeting is adjourned to receive credit for attendance.  No exceptions.  This is fundamental policy.  
    • Meetings are intended for adults only.  Any children in attendance must sit with their parent.
    2018-2019 Options for Meeting Attendance Requirement:
    #  Month  SAC Option  PTA Option  PTA Meeting Topic
     1  Aug/Sept  Thursday, Sept 13 @ 6pm
     6th BTSN - Thursday, Aug 9@ 6pm or
     7/8th BTSN - Thursday, Sept 27 @ 6pm 
     2  October  Thursday, Oct 11 @ 6pm  Tuesday,  Oct 16 @ 5pm or 7pm
     3  November  Thursday, Nov 8 @ 6pm  Tuesday, Nov 13 @ 5pm or 7pm   TBA
     4  January   Thursday, Jan 10 @ 6pm   Tuesday, Jan 15 @  5pm or 7pm  TBA
     5  February   Thursday, Feb 14 @ 6pm   Tuesday, Feb 19 @ 5pm or 7pm 


     6  March   Thursday, Mar 7 @  6pm   Tuesday, Mar 19 @  5pm or 7pm   TBA
     7  April   Thursday, Apr 11 @ 6pm   Tuesday,Apr 16 @  5pm or 7pm   TBA
     8  May 

     Thursday, May 7 @  6pm 

     Tuesday, May 21 @ 5pm or 7pm