• Fundamental Meeting Requirements
    To show support for the school, parent/guardian attendance at either Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) or School Advisory Committee (SAC) meetings is required.  CFMS has no make-up policy for the 2017-2018 school year.  You must attend either a PTA or a SAC meeting each month.  Each attendee may represent only one family.  If circumstances arise which make it impossible for a parent to attend a required meeting, a representative (18 years or older, not representing another CFMS family) may be sent.  If a parent needs to exercise this option, he/she must call the office of the principal by the morning of the meeting day.  It is the parent's responsibility to make the representative aware of all obligations.  Attendees are expected to arrive on time for meetings. PTA/SAC attendance credit will not be given for anyone arriving 15 or more minutes late.  Attendees must stay until the meeting is adjourned to receive credit for attendance.  No exceptions.  This is fundamental policy.   Meetings are intended for adults only.  Any children in attendance must sit with their parent.
    2017-2018 Options for Meeting Attendance Requirement:
    #  Month  SAC Option  PTA Option  PTA Meeting Topic
     1  Aug/Sept  Sept 14, 6pm
     6th BTSN - Aug 8, 6pm or
     7/8th BTSN - Sept 13, 6pm CANCELLED
     2  October  Oct 12, 6pm  7/8th BTSN - Oct 17, 6pm
     3  November  Nov 9, 6pm  Nov 14, 7pm ONLY  Band Concert
     4  January   Jan 11, 6pm   Jan 16, 5pm or 7pm  Presentation by CFMS Guidance Department
     5  February   Feb 8, 6pm   Feb 20, 5pm or 7pm 

     5pm- Caroline Brasfield Carter, Love and Logic 

     7pm - Jason Dorr, Media Influences and safety

     6  March   Mar 8, 6pm   Mar 20, 5pm or 7pm   TBA
     7  April   Apr 12, 6pm   Apr 17, 5pm or 7pm   TBA
     8  May 

     May 8, 6pm (rescheduled from May 10)

     May 1, 7pm ONLY or
     May 2, 7pm ONLY
     Band Concert
     Orchestra/Guitar/Chorus Concert