• Dress Code for Clearwater Fundamental Middle School

    The students at Clearwater Fundamental are expected to exercise good judgment and are required to dress in a responsible manner. 

    The administration shall be the final judge as to the neatness and cleanliness of wearing apparel and whether or not such apparel is appropriate, disruptive. distracting, or in violation of health and safety rules. 

    All clothing must be worn in the way it was designed to be worn and be the appropriate size (waist of garment worn at the waist.)

    Acceptable dress includes:

    Pants: Hemmed jeans or slacks that are no more than 2 inches above the anklebone, have no holes or rips, and do not touch the ground.

    Shirts: Must fully cover the midriff, back, sides and all undergarments including bra straps at all times. Must have sleeves and cover the shoulders.

    Dress/skirts: Hemmed, not shorter than 3" above the knee, Split skirts must be to mid-calf. Dresses must also have sleeves and cover the shoulders.

    Shoes: Must have a heel strap or closed back, be safe and appropriate. Athletic shoes are preferred. No flip flops.

    Hair: Must be a natural color.

    During PE: PE Uniform

    Sweaters/sweatshirts/outerwear: Can be worn over "acceptable shirts".

    Violations of dress/grooming codes may result in a detention. Repeated violations may result in referral to the Intervention and Appeals Committee (IAC).

    All dress/grooming codes will be enforced through the last day of school.

    Any violations will be judged at the time they are first seen, not after a student has adjusted clothes. Any exception to the dress code policy must be approved by the school administration

    While most of our rules have clear and understood definitions, clothing manufacturers are constantly trying to create something that the students "just have to wear." Like the "non-fundamental" dictionary, it is not possible to publish a list of every possible form of un-fundamental dress, However, each year we are tested and the following list has been compiled. It is not all-inclusive; please refer back to what is allowed.

    Prohibited Dress: Shorts, Capri, cropped, or mid-calf length slacks, leggings or jeggings (unless under appropriate length skirts), exercise pants, pajamas or other sleep attire, culottes, bare midriffs, tank tops, spaghetti straps, see-through shirts (including lace), halter tops, blouses with plunging necklines (exposing cleavage), gothic or "all-black" wear. Hats, bandanas, sunglasses, dog collars, capes, flags worn as capes, spikes, chains, safety pins, flip-flops, and sandals without back straps, slippers, roller skates, skate shoes, are prohibited. Hair colors such as blue, pink, green, etc. (not natural hair colors) are prohibited. No body piercings or visible tattoos are permitted.

    Please use the same guidelines published for un-fundamental words when selecting clothing with statement imprints or bracelets purporting to support one cause or another.

    No clothing shall be worn which displays profanity or vulgar language, violence, sexually suggestive phrases, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or advertisements for such products or other phrases or symbols which are inconsistent with an educational atmosphere.

    Additionally, no clothing shall be worn which advocates or is associated with antisocial groups, gangs or gang-like activities, or potentially dangerous/harmful behaviors.

Last Modified on July 23, 2019