•  The dance program at John Hopkins Middle School focuses on strong technical training to advance the skills of the dancers and contirubte towards success.
    Dancers take four to five technique classes a week in classical ballet, modern and jazz with additional classes in hip hop, Progressing Ballet Technique and various other styles. The focus on ballet across all levels helps dancers build strong skills in technique that transfer to all other dance styles.


    Students will take Dance 1 their Grade 6 year, which introduces them to the fundamentals of dance technique, as well as ballet history and anatomy. Next year they will take Dance 2, which teaches students intermediate-level techniques and an introduction to dance choreography. They will also learn about modern jazz and its dance history. Grade 8’s Dance 3 course builds upon previous work with advanced dance techniques and choreography.


  • Spring Dance Concert:

    If you missed our Spring Dance Concert, it is now available to view online! We hope you enjoy!

    Video Link:

    Program is below.

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    Ms. Erin Cardinal

    Instructor: Ms. Cardinal



    Adjunct instructor: Ms. Davidson