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Deanna Wittstruck

I started teaching at Perkins in 2017 and am thrilled to be part of this magnificent school community.  I am a St. Petersburg native and received my Bachelor's of Music Education from Florida Southern College.  The Arts have always been my driving force in my personal life.  Dance lessons, piano lessons, acting, and voice lessons have been my extra curricular activities for as long as I can remember.  My teaching career started in 1994 and I have taught students Pre-K through 8th grade at different points in my career.  I have taught elementary music in Pinellas County Schools since 1996.


At Perkins, I have the wonderful opportunity to teach all of the Kindergarten classes general music.  This is where our musical journey begins and a strong foundation is built.  Students experience standards based learning in a creative and fun setting.  Proper singing technique, creative movement, music vocabulary, listening skills, and use of rhythm instruments are introduced and practiced.


As the keyboard teacher, students in grades 2-5, learn about the baiscs of piano playing while having the opportunity to create different timbres and styles with the fun of an electric keyboard.  We currently use Yamaha's Music in Education (MIE) program as our starting resource with other piano resources added as students advance.  Proper playing technique, music theory, and basic piano skills are introduced and developed as the students grow musically to their 5th grade year.

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    In my class Kindergarteners learn the basic ideas about music – how to listen and to sing the songs. They learn how to tell the difference between fast and slow, loud and soft, how to keep the beat steady and how to match their voices to the pitch of the melody. They become especially excited for their annual concert, when they show the best of everything they have learned during the year.

    Keyboard Laboratory teaches older students many theoretical concepts of music and shows them how to apply these concepts through live music. From starting to play with one finger in Second grade, the progress through their years at Perkins and in Fifth grade are able to play with both hands and all fingers together – like real pianists. Their favorite song usually is “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven. They enjoy taking a quiz in my class, because we work with the keyboards and with the computer. The most fun of all for the students is song making – with a partner or alone, they record it and present it to the class.

    I also teach Piano Focus for fourth and fifth graders. When curiosity and eagerness to learn are combined with the opportunity to practice at home, the results are even better. Most of the students prefer a long-term work with the piano. They usually come to the Focus class in Fourth grade and stay here in Fifth as well. They develop more advanced techniques and enjoy participating in many of the shows, organized by our Perkins family.

    My school is a place, where the students are eager to learn, the teachers are talented and the parents are helpful. I like to teach at Perkins!