• Garrison-Jones is proud to be one of the few elementary schools in our county to offer an after-school string instrumental program. Educators agree on the importance of cultivating young violin, viola and cello players at an early age. Playing an instrument increases reasoning skills and builds teamwork, discipline, cooperation and a sense of belonging. Learning to make music encourages creativity and more importantly, it’s just plain fun! 

    Violin We offer two after-school courses at Garrison-Jones. The Beginning Strings class is available to all 4th and 5th graders and is for students who have never played a stringed instrument. The Advanced Strings class is available to all 4th and 5th graders who have had one year of experience on a stringed instrument. Permission slips go home in September of every year and the classes are then filled on a first come, first serve basis. Both classes meet on separate days and last 40 minutes. Transportation after-school is the parent’s responsibility. Keep in mind that we are not a private lesson and will not have the same results as one to one instruction, but we do learn the foundations and beginning skills of playing the string instruments and make beautiful music together.

    Personal violin, violas and cellos are welcome. If you do not own an instrument, Garrison-Jones will rent your child an instrument for the Pinellas County standard rental fee. Rented instruments will be assigned to you under your care until May and only return to school on your scheduled lesson/practice days. 

     We use the Essential Elements 2000 method books and techniques. In the Spring, our Beginning and Advanced Strings classes perform in the Spring Concert along with the 4th and 5th Grade Choruses. 

     Research has found that music uses both sides of the brain, a fact that makes it valuable in all areas of development. Music affects the growth of a child’s brain academically, emotionally and physically. Please consider being a part of this amazing musical opportunity at Garrison-Jones Elementary.

    Please feel free to contact Shannon Greene, Music Teacher at greenes@pcsb.org