Alternative Bell Schedule (ABS)

  • Alternative Bell Schedule (ABS) is a disciplinary consequence which can be assigned in lieu of an out of school suspension. The purpose of ABS is to keep our students engaged in the learning process, yet hold student accountable for appropriate school behavior.   

    What is ABS?

    ·  ABS is used as an educational alternative for out of school suspension and is considered a punitive consequence.

    ·  Students are assigned ABS by an administrator and if they attend, they do not receive an unexcused absence, rather, a PAA    (Present  After Absence).

    -  If the student chooses not to attend ABS on their assigned day or are dismissed from ABS for any reason, they may not return to school until the end of their ABS assignment. 

    ·  Students assigned to ABS have the opportunity to stay current with their class work

    ·  ABS will be held Monday-Friday from 2:15-7:15 PM. 

    ·  Transportation is not provided for students assigned to ABS.


     Student responsibility:

    ·   Be on time for your ABS day: 2:15-7:15 PM. 

    ·   Dress school-appropriately.

    ·   Report to the front office to sign in and wait quietly until escorted to the ABC/ABS room.

    ·   Follow school rules and expectations throughout your ABS stay. 

    ·   Work the entire ABS time period. 

    We certainly hope that your child never has the need of this type of intervention.  However, we want you to be aware of this behavior intervention strategy. 

    Thanks for all you do to support your child's success here at Gibbs High School.