Gibbs On-site Clinic

  • The clinic at Gibbs is very unique.  We are staffed daily by an RN, 2 Health Support Techs and a mental health counselor. We also have a pediatric nurse practitioner available three days a week, and 2 days a week we have a pediatrician on site. 

    All services we provide are at no-cost to Gibbs High School students during the school day. 

    We provide: 1) sports and school physicals, 2) immunizations, 3) sick-child visits, 4) general health counseling, 5) chronic disease support, and 6) mental health counseling. 

    There is a parental consent packet that must be completed for a student to receive the enhanced services. If the clinic does not have the signed paper work then only basic school-health services will be provided. 

    We are funded through a grant from the Juvenile Welfare Board, Department of Health in Pinellas County and Suncoast Center. 

Clinic Staff & Contact Information