BETA (Business, Entrepreneurial, Technology Academy)


    What is BETA ?

    This program blends Business, Entrepreneurial and Technological skills into the scholar's academic courses. This academy uses hands-on curriculum with digital design, video creation and editing, game creation and editing, computer programming and a real world simulated business class where students use their critical thinking skills and hands-on curriculum to operate a business within the school. The ultimate goal of the program is for students to leave with a portfolio of pathway items in an electronic format, accompanied with industry certifications within each student’s chosen pathway of study. The academy courses are taught by instructors who have professional experience in his or her respective field of teaching.

    Below is a visual overview of the BETA pathways.
BETA Pathways by Dyan Hill Dennard
  • Our Mission:
    BETA Students will thrive in a safe learning environment that provides opportunities for highest student achievement through the completion of chosen pathways and industry certifications leading to successful careers or post-secondary education.
    Attainable Certifications:​
    • Adobe Certified Associate Photoshop 
    • Adobe Certified Associate Premiere 
    • Entrepreneurial Small Business
    • MTA Introduction to Python
    • MTA Introduction to Java
    • Unity Certified Artist
    • Unity Certified Programmer & Maya Certified User