Computer Science/Programming & AP Courses

  • Program Description - The program sequence provides students with the fundamentals of computer science principles including computer programming, algorithms, data structures, abstraction and logic. Students will learn the fundamentals of the Python and Java and at the conclusion of the pathway, will be able to create original programs and applications.  


    Class Sequence Certification 

    Advanced Information TechnologyMOS Bundle – Word, PPT, Excel 

    Foundations of ProgrammingMTA Intro to Python 

    Procedural ProgrammingMTA Intro to Java 

    Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsMTA Software Develop Fundamentals  


    This pathway sequence prepares students for both AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science – A (Java) 

    Advanced Placement Classes 


    Recommended Pre-Requisites 



    AP Computer Science Principles 

    This is a college-level course. Students learn the fundamentals of computer science as they explore concepts of abstraction, data and information, algorithms, programming, the internet, and the global impact of computing. 



    Foundations of Programming 


    AP Computer Science A (Java) 

    This is a college-level course. Students learn the understanding of coding through analyzing and testing code while exploring the concepts of modularity, variables, and control structures though Java programming language. 


    AP Computer Science Principles 















    florida map of open computing jobs


    Employment Opportunities 

    • Florida currently has (as of 2019) 28,503 open computing jobs (3.2 times the average demand rate in Florida).  
    • The average salary for a computing occupation in FL is $82,793, which is significantly higher than the average salary in the state ($46,010).  
    • The existing open jobs alone represent a $2,359,854,882 opportunity in terms of annual salaries.  
    • Computer science and programming have job opportunities in every industry including tech, medical, farming, sports, business, tourism, government and even the arts and many more.