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    Exciting opportunities for Pinellas County students, parents and teachers are happening every day, thanks to the efforts of families and community members. Volunteers and community partners are making a difference, to help students develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are the hallmark of a quality education.

    Skycrest is in need of volunteers for the school year.  Please complete the application:  https://focus.pcsb.org/volunteer/

    Any questions regarding volunteering, please call our front office at 727-469-5987.

    Pinellas County Schools will no longer require or accept paper registration forms. The online volunteer application will streamline the volunteer registration process!

    NEW VOLUNTEERS: What do I need to get started?

     The online form will take approximately 5 to 15 minutes to complete. https://focus.pcsb.org/volunteer/

      • Please use a desk top or laptop computer to complete the online application.  Do not use a cell phone.  For the best experience, please use the Chrome browser and devices with full size displays. 
      • A Government Issued photo ID is required to upload to the form in order to process your application. Example: Driver’s License
        • Do not upload a Passport or a Military ID.
        • If you are a current student at a Pinellas County School, you are not required to provide an ID Card.
        • If you are unable to upload a clear image of your identification, you may email a picture or scanned document to LEONARDUZZIL@pcsb.org
      • You will be required to submit your Social Security Number (SSN) for the purpose of a Criminal Background Screening.
        • If you are a current student at a Pinellas County School, you are not required to provide your Social Security Number.
      • Be prepared to disclose ALL criminal history to avoid ineligibility.
        • You do not need to disclose traffic tickets.
      • An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provide to inform you of the status of your application. Your e-mail will remain private.
        • Please make sure you have access to the e-mail you enter, as it is our primary means of communication with you.
        • You must have an email address before completing this online application.

      Thank you to our school volunteers and businesses for making an academic and social impact during the school year!


    RETURNING Volunteers: 

    To reactivate your status and add volunteers hours please go to:

    • Step 1 - The online link is: https://focus.pcsb.org/volunteer/
    • Step 2 - Sign on to Focus using your v.account
    • (v.last name first initial – all lowercase)
    • Username Example: v.smithd
    • Password Last Name (first letter capitalized)
    • Immediately followed by 4-digit birth year.
    • Password example Smith1975
    To log your volunteer hours:  PCS Volunteer System