Skycrest Gifted Program


    At Skycrest we have a full time gifted teacher, Ms. Kuffel.  After students are identified as gifted, they attend a full day gifted instruction outside the regular classroom.  

    This year's theme:  Innovations







    Push in support in General Ed Classroom

    K-3rd Grade Gifted Students

    (Pull-out 5 hours per day)

    *Grade level splits are based on numbers

    4th Grade Gifted Students

    (Pull-out 5 hours per day)


    5th Grade Gifted Students

    (Pull-out 5 hours per day)


    Talented Students (Pull-out ~30 mins, by grade level intervention times, 3rd-5th only)

    Creativity Push-In (10-15 mins per class, monthly rotation)


    The Center for Gifted Studies is designed to meet the unique academic and social/emotional needs of adolescent gifted students. A challenging and rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum is delivered through instructional strategies that promote creative, critical, and complex thinking. Personal strengths and interests are developed through differentiated instruction, independent study, and extracurricular activities. Inquiry and investigation are used as students address relevant, real-world problems.


    Gifted Identification Process - Pinellas County Schools

    Gifted Screening Assessments:  K-BIT or NNAT administered by school personnel at school after initial request from parent or teacher is received - Results sent home from school. 

    If results are at or above 90%, further testing recommended: Packet will come home from school - Including an "Informed Consent" which will allow PCS to perform an IQ Test. 

    Results LESS than 90%, NO Further Testing Recommended