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    Tracking Student Learning



    At Skycrest, student learning to succeed is our number one priority.  Teachers monitor student progress (VPK - 5th Grade) in a variety of ways which include:  oberservations, classwork, projects, computer programs, unit assessments, and State-wide tests.

    Students in all classes maitain a Leadership Binder with goals, data and student work.



    VPK & PreK3 - GOLD and Bright Beginnings

    Kindergarten - FLKRS and Nemours

    Grades K - 5th - MAP testing in ELA & Math, Content Area Unit Assessments in ELA, Math, and Science, IStation monthly computer test

    Grades 3-5 - Florida State Math & ELA Assessments - FSA

    Grades 4-5 - Florida Writing Assessment - FSA

    Grade 5 - Science State Assessment - SSA



    Waterford Early Reading Program - Beginning Reading

    New to Skycrest for the 2019-2020 school year, we will implement the Waterford Program to qualified students.  The Waterford Early Reading Program™ is a software-based curriculum for students in Kindergarten through Grade 2.
    The curriculum is designed to promote reading, writing, and typing, incorporating literacy skills such as letter mastery, language stories, spelling, basic writing skills, reading and listening development, and comprehension strategies. It can be used as a supplement to the regular reading curriculum. Program materials include classroom lessons and take-home materials in addition to the Waterford software.
    Waterford Early Reading Program™ offers pretest placement and posttest assessments, in addition to ongoing assessments throughout the program.