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    What is Leader In Me?

    The 7 HABITS OF HAPPY KIDS - book

    Your child has been learning the language and meaning of the 7 Habits, and each class has created a mission statement that has guided them in making decisions throughout the school year.

    How can you help support what your child is learning at school? Easy - use the same language! By hearing the same language at home and school, we send the children a strong message of what we believe is important and that we are on the same team. When parents and schools support each other, the sky is the limit!

    To find out more about the 7 Habits

    Students! Check out this website for activities you can play that incorporate the 7 Habits!
    Go to "The Leader in Me, Student Schoolyard


    What are the "Habits?"

    2Habit 2 — Begin with the End in Mind

    3Habit 3 — Put First Things First

    4Habit 4 — Think Win-Win

    5Habit 5 — Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

    6Habit 6 — Synergize

    7Habit 7 — Sharpen The Saw