Elementary Reading and Language Arts

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    The Pinellas County Reading and Language Arts core instructional design incorporates the integration of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Literacy instruction builds toward the grade level Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS). During the language arts block, students regularly read authentic literature, HMH Journeys texts, as well as multi-media texts.  Students write from both topics and texts over short periods and extended periods of time.


    Holly Slaughter, Elementary Reading & Language Arts Specialist

    Language Arts Daily Components:

    • Word Work - explicit and meaningful instruction in phonics and other principles of how words are constructed.
    • Close-In Study of Grade Level Complex Text – Teachers read text aloud, share the reading, and use multi-media to engage students in the reading and rereading of grade level text.
    • Explicit Reading Instruction – Students are taught reading skills and strategies and given the chance to apply those skills and strategies in many ways:  independent practice, with the guidance of the teacher, practice with peers, and through reflection.
    • Explicit Writing Instruction – Students are taught critical writing skills and given time to practice those skills independently, with the guidance of the teacher, and with their peers.
    • Vocabulary Instruction – Academic and domain-specific vocabulary words are taught in the context of reading and writing. 


    Five Areas of Reading

    • Phonemic Awareness - the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds (phonemes) in spoken language.
    • Phonics - the study of the relationships between letters and the sounds they represent.
    • Fluency - the ability to read text quickly, accurately, and with proper expression.
    • Vocabulary - refers to the word we must know to communicate effectively.
    • Comprehension - the ability to understand what is read; it is the ultimate goal of all reading activity.

     Elementary Reading and Language Arts teachers use the Journeys Series, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  In addition, teachers have various supplemental materials such as a wide range of books, texts, and digital resources used for planning and delivering instruction.  These resources are chosen by a committee of teachers to meet the diverse needs and learning styles of all students. 


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