Elementary Mathematics

  • Mission: Develop an appreciation for mathematics in every child. 

    The goal of the Elementary Mathematics Department is that all students will leave 5th grade on the path towards college and career readiness.  With a focus on implementation of rigorous instructional practices designed to engage students at a higher level, our department provides the necessary training and support to all teachers and administrators, as well as, develops and purchases standards-based curricular materials to ensure student success.

    12 Steps to Increase Your Child's Math Achievement and Make Math Fun



  • Elementary Mathematics Grades 1-5 use the textbook series Go Math, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  In addition, teachers have various supplemental materials that are used for planning and delivering instruction to meet diverse needs and learning styles of all students.

    ST Math is used in all elementary schools as a supplement to the core.  Students can access ST Math at home through Clever.

    Lukas Hefty
    Elementary Mathematics Specialist
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