Elementary Social Studies

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    Pinellas County’s social studies curriculum is aligned with the Next Generation of Sunshine State Standards and incorporates the required state statutes addressing knowledge of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as well as Florida’s Constitution, our country’s early history, purposefully integrating the contributions of African Americans, women, and Latinos  to our state’s and country’s development.  Patriotism and Flag education, the history of the state, and age-appropriate lessons on the history of the Holocaust are also included in the social studies curriculum. Through social studies, students learn to read informational text, clarify their thinking, think critically, examine historical documents, form opinions and cite evidence to support them.

Contact Information

  • Michelle Anderson
    K-8 Social Studies Specialist

    Jessica Arriola
    Elementary Social Studies Instructional Staff Developer

Units of Study

  • Kindergarten Living, Learning and Working Together learning about themselves, their families, and communities.  Students will be introduced to basic concepts of history, geography, economics, and citizenship

    First Grade Our Community and Beyond through exploring history, geography, economics, and learning their roles as citizens in their homes, school, and community

    Second Grade Who We Are As Americans investigating the impact of immigration over time, exploring the geography of North Americas, and discovering the foundations of American citizenship

    Third Grade The United States Regions and Its Neighbors focusing on regions in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands.  Their study will include the concepts of US History, geography, economics, civics, and the physical and cultural characteristics about our country and its neighbors

    Fourth Grade Florida Studies highlighting the state’s history focusing on its exploration, colonization, growth through the 21st Century and including content area strands from US history, geography, economics and civics

    Fifth Grade United States History studying the development of our nation with emphasis on people, places, and events up to 1850.  Students will be exposed to historical, geographic, political, economic, and sociological events which influenced the initial inhabitation, exploration, colonization, and early nation periods our history and their impact on the continued development of our nation.