New or Returning Students
    If you have a new or returning student to Pinellas County and need to make a reservation for a public school and do not have a Parent User ID and Password you will first need to do the following: Go to any school with your valid ID (Driver’s License, State ID card, Passport/VISA, Military ID, Green Card.) and ask them to create a Parent User ID and Password.  After you have obtained a User ID and Password, you can use the school's computer or your home computer to complete your child's reservation, which will hold your child's seat at their zone school.

    Why do I need a Parent User ID and Password? 
    A Parent User ID and Password is used with Focus and the Student Reservation System.  In Focus, when the student has been attached to the Parent User ID, a parent is able to log into Focus and view a variety of different items pertaining to the student.  Some of these items could include grades, attendance, homework assignments and have access to links to their students' teachers.  Parents will use the Student Reservation System (SRS) for the following:
    • Reserving a seat for enrolling a new or returning students for the Current School Year
    • Reserving a seat for enrolling a new student for the next school year
    • Changing your residence address
    • Applying for District Application Programs (magnets, fundamental, or high school career programs)
    • Applying for a Special Assignment Request


    School Zone Locator
    Check the school zone map to see what school your child is zoned for.


    PCS Website
    All students new to Skycrest must have a reservation form from Pinellas County Schools. The link is on the main page of the PCS website or at


    Items needed for registration:

    If registering for Kindergarten or if you are new to Pinellas County, you must have:

    Birth certificate
    Social Security # (optional)
    2 forms of proof of residency (utility bill or lease)
    Immunization (shot record) on the Florida blue form
    Physical exam (must have been done within the last 12 months)

    If you are coming from a Pinellas County School, you must have for Grades 1-5:

    Proof of grade
    Proof of residency (utility bill or lease)