• Parent Survey Results 
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    Dual Language Program Criteria


    • ·         Complete and submit the Dual Language application
    • ·         Visit the Dual Language classroom, shadowing is recommended
    • ·         Upon acceptance into the program, sign the parent commitment letter stating that they are willing to support the child at home, attend teacher conferences and participate in school events
    • ·         Are able to transport their child to the school, if out of zone
    • ·         Parents need to attend 6/7 after school events and meetings (Dates to be announced)



    • ·         Are self-motivated, interested in learning, in general, and try their best
    • ·         Are interested in learning a second language and about the other cultures
    • ·         Have a record of good attendance
    • ·         Have a record of good behavior
    • ·         Are currently meeting grade-level expectations
    • ·         Have a strong oral language base in either *Spanish or English (*as indicated on a home language survey and verified by a state-approved assessment)
    • ·         Have time to read and complete homework, in both languages, at home





    Self-Motivation- Is the student interested in learning and always trying their best?



    Attendance- Does the student attend school with minimal absences and tardiness?



    Parent Participation- Are the parents willing to commit to the program and support their child at home? Do the parents attend teacher conferences and other school programs?



    Academic Success- Is the student demonstrating academic achievement and meeting grade level expectations as measured by common assessments?



    Time management- Is the student able to keep up with the demands of classwork, independent reading in both language, independent math assignments in both languages, and homework?



    Self-Responsibility- Is the student demonstrating self-responsibility with good behavior and turning in homework assignments on time?



    Diversity- Does the student show interest and value the importance of learning a second language and learning about other cultures?