About Our Dual Language Program

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    People often say, they would love to speak another language. It is possible for our students!

    The Dual Language Program is an enrichment model of instruction. It emphasizes the importance of all students becoming bilingual and bi-literate. Students will not just speak a second language, but they will become prepared for the 21st century where they can use it in the professional world.

    Dual Language develops best using both languages in meaningful contexts. When students are learning in a second language, they are not losing their first language. Instruction will remain aligned to the national core standards. The material in one language will reinforce the second language, but does not necessarily repeat. Students will be learning and increasing knowledge on grade level in both languages. Student engagement will be planned through collaborative learning structures to expand the constructs of meaning in listening, speaking, reading, writing and math. Curriculum activities will be meaningful, expand student language and increase their cognition.

    We invite families to the Dual Language Program that are committed to supporting their child's education and acquisition of a second language. Family commitment will require you to support your child's learning in their first language and expecting nothing less than a rigorous curriculum at school in two languages.




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