• Florida has the highest demand for marine mechanics in the country.  Where there is water and boats, there is a need for mechanics.  Students will work on inboard and outboard engine training to troubleshoot and repair these engines, including electrical systems. 

    Business partners include Yamaha, Suzuki, and Mercury to ensure that students are learning on current equipment and stay up-to-date on industry standards. 

    Graduates will be ready for an entry-level position and may earn certification awarded by Yamaha.

    Freshmen (9th Grade)  - Outboard Marine Service 1 & 2

    Sophomores (10th Grade) - Outboard Engine Technician

    Juniors (11th Grade) - Outboard Engine Diagnostics Technician & Drive Train Technician

    Seniors (12th Grade) - Inboard Gas Engine Technician 

    * Certifications Available:  Yamaha Marine Maintenance - Inline (YAMAH001)  & Yamaha Marine Maintenance - Mid Range (YAMAH002)

    Post-Secondary - at Pinellas Technical College**

    Inboard Diesel Technician (MTE0056) 

    * Certifications Available:  Yamaha Marine Maintenance Certification - Portable (YAMAH003) and Yamaha Marine Maintenance Certification - V Engine (YAMAH004)

    ** Students from Richard O. Jacobson Technical High School that earn both Yamaha Certifications in twelfth grade may continue their Yamaha certifications through PTC Clearwater after graduation. While there may be an expense involved in attending PTC Clearwater, Pinellas County Schools CTE office and PTC Clearwater will work with students who wish to continue their certifications to make the opportunity as financially feasible for all parties as possible.

    Certifications:  Yamaha