Commercial and Digital Art

  • About Commercial and Digital Arts at CAS

    This class is perfect for students interested in learning about the many facets of artistic design and who are also looking to learn how to use industry software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign as well as Corel Draw, Prezi, WIX and more. It's also for the student who likes to sketch, plan and draw while critically and creatively solving problems.

    If you know how to use this software and want to develop your skills further, upper level students can receive industry certification from Adobe before graduation. Adobe Certified Associate

    Areas covered include art history, industry trends, portfolio, logos, posters, outdoor advertising, t-shirt design, branding, typography, illustration, comics, storyboarding, fine art, photo retouching and repair, layout and much more.

    Students also have access to a laser engraver which can be used to make canvas signs, auto decals and can etch into almost anything as well as a Direct To Garment printer which allows for full color creation of t-shirts using an inkjet style printing method which is comparable quality to silkscreen.

    Classroom uses Dell computers, Adobe CC software, Wacom Bamboo digital tablets and more

    Levels 1 - 8 available. Visit for more full class and curriculum information.

    The Commercial & Digital Arts class is articulated with Saint Petersburg College and completion of three levels earns you 3 credits towards a Digital Arts, Media & Interactive Web Design Associates Degree.

    Participation in Skills USA student organization and competition is available and encouraged

    Our class is a full service advertising and graphic design studio offering services such as:

    • Laser Engraving (dogtags, any wood items, plaques, glass, plastics, laptops)
    • Vinyl Banners (of all sizes and colors. Indoor and outdoor)
    • Vinyl decals and stickers in any sizes
    • Logo design
    • Business cards
    • Fliers, posters, general signage, oversized banners
    • Photo Retouching Services. (Color correct and repair torn, faded or worn photos)
    • T-Shirt Design
    • If you are interested in this class, talk with your guidance counselor as soon as possible.
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