• Club Information


    Clubs will meet during the school day on a designated day each month. On club day, students who have signed up for a club will use the pass given to them by the club sponsor to go to the club meeting during the club sponsor’s planning period. Students who participate in clubs are responsible for any classwork missed and will not be “excused” from work because of attending a club meeting.

    Students can sign up for clubs during their lunches on Wednesday, August 30th and Wednesday, September 6th.

    Clubs may choose to hold additional meetings after school and some clubs may only be available for meetings after school.

    A list of clubs, meeting times, locations, and their descriptions are attached to this form.


    Club Meeting Dates for 2023-2024 (Fridays):

    September 8th

    October 6th

    November – no club day due to Homecoming and Thanksgiving Break

    December 8th

    January 19th

    February 9th

    March – no club day due to Faculty Student Kickball Game and Spring Break

    April 12th