1.  The first step is to get set up as a volunteer in the Pinellas County School system. If you are not currently registered as a volunteer with Pinellas County Schools, you must complete the mandatory registration form at this link or use QR code https://asd.pcsb.org/schoolwiresforms/volunteer

    Be sure to check the box for Take Stock in Children. If you wish to volunteer for virtual mentoring, just select any school listed on the form for now and then let us know you will be volunteering virtually instead of in-person mentoring at a school.



    1. Once you are approved as a register volunteer (you will receive an email from PCSB district office that you have been approved), then sign up for a free mentor workshop. Pinellas County school requires all potential mentors to complete a in­ person or virtual mentor training.

    You may sign up using this link or use the QR code https://tinyurl.com/PCSMentorWorkshop

    PCS Volunteer Application




     PCS Mentor Workshop



    1. Take Stock in Children is a statewide program supported by the State of Florida's           TSIC Mentor Application

    Department of Education. As a statewide program, we have additional requirements for new mentors to complete to begin mentoring. A new mentor must complete Take Stock in Children State Mentor Application.

    Go to www.pinellaseducation.org/tsic click on "Mentor Application" under the Mentor section or use the QR code




    1. View the mandatory training video for Take Stock in Children to understand how to      TSIC Mentor Workshop

    better assist your mentee with our valuable scholarship program.

    Go to www.pinellaseducation.org/tsic and click on "Mentor Resources" and then "Required training for new mentors" to complete the final step of watching a short TSIC training video or use the QR code








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