Game and Simulation Programming

  • Turn your passion for gaming into an exciting career! The Game & Simulation program is project-based and focuses on game design, storyboarding, the business side of gaming, programming for single and multi-user environments, and collaboration/teamwork.  Students will participate in a $10,000 coding competition, create several games, make digital career portfolios and enjoy classroom visits from industry professionals.  Students are eligible to earn industry certifications, 3 SPC articulation credits and get introduced to a variety of career opportunities including: Game Designer, Software Developer, Programmer, QA tester, Concept Artist, 2-D/3-D animator, and Project Manager.  We also do "boss battles", google challenges, debugging and more to help students become independent thinkers and problem solvers rather than requiring the memorization of material.  You won't see any fill in the blank worksheets in class but you will see a lot of hands on learning, group projects, and class discussions. Students can earn industry certifications based on their interests and abilities. Potential certifications include Adobe Certified Associate, Microsoft Technology Associate, Microsoft Office Specialist and we are adding more every year!

    For students to fully succeed in this class, we suggest they possess a passion for the gaming industry, prior computer knowledge and can type 40 words per minute.

    Taught by Dr. Jodi Kirk, the concept of  "Gamification"  in the classroom is practiced to create a truly unique experience for students.


    History of games, video game genres, introduction to coding, several game builds (GameMaker in 1st year), game immersion, basic game design, game design documentation, digital portfolio & career readiness, NGT Competition- chance to win $10,000 (available in all years)!  Students also learn a variety about the software development industry including careers available and documentation used in the real world.  Industry documents include: customer surveys, problem statements, charters, use cases, business requirements, project plans, architecture, design documents, storyboards, test cases/plans, and more!


    Programming - build 3D games in Unity & Unreal Engine, create multi-user games, coding (C#/C++/JavaScript), resume, & continue digital portfolio.  Students also work in Toon Boom Harmony on animations and Toon Boom Storyboard and are involved in the NGT competition.


    2D & 3D Game Design - Adobe products, design, animation, storyboarding, color theory, logo designs for game compaines, and 2D and 3D modeling.


    Advanced Applications- senior capstone project, finalize digital portfolio, & certification focus!  Students have multiple opportunities to earn certifications in this year as well as focus on one particular area of interest (choices of interest areas including: animation, project management, programming, concept art, or business).

    For detailed course information, please visit our class site!