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    Dress Code

    Pinellas County School's has set a specific dress code for all students.  Please see the following link for a list of issues associated with student attire (click here). 

    Commercial Digital Art



    Game Simulation & Programming

    • Black, White, Grey or Royal Blue polo shirts. 
    • Pants or shorts must have belt loops. 
    • Shorts may not be higher than the student’s knees.
    • No holes, rips or distressed fabric above the knee.
    • Shoes must be closed toe.  No sandals or slides.
    • One REQUIRED program logo polo to be worn for events

    Construction Building Technology 



    Electric Program

    Due to safety concerns, these programs require:

    • Closed toe shoes to be worn. Students in these programs may not wear flip-flops or slides.
    • Long pants made of denim or twill. No synthetic fabrics due to safety concerns with sparks from grinders.
    • No shorts are permitted.
    • Dark Blue (Navy) polos worn daily.
    • One REQUIRED program logo polo to be worn for events

    Marine Mechanics 

    Due to safety concerns, this program requires:

    • Closed toe shoes to be worn. Students may not wear flip-flops or slides.
    • Shorts or pants made of denim or twill—no synthetics. Garment must have belt loops.
    • Black polos or black “shop” shirts worn daily.
    • One REQUIRED program logo shirt to be worn for events.

    Nursing Program



    Veterinary Science Program 

    • Scrubs are worn daily.
    • Closed toe shoes. No slides or flip-flop type shoes
    • Scrub bottoms may be Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Ceil Blue (Nursing), Black, Pewter Grey or Maroon.
    • Scrub tops in various (school appropriate) designs and colors are acceptable.
    • In addition, both programs REQUIRE the purchase of our Tech High School scrub set which will be worn at clinicals and program events.


    Our vendor for the embroidered scrubs is ScrubIn:

    You can order online at:

    Access Code: T E C H H S 7 2 7

    Scrubin Customer Service:  (888) 988-0028 or





    Let’s first discuss truancy.  Truancy is when a student is absent and a parent hasn’t contacted the school.  As the system sees it, without parent contact, the student skipped school.  Officially, parents have 48 hours from the actual absence to notify the school.  Your contact must be timely.  You may contact our office by telephone at (727) 545-6405 at extension 2007, email ( or handwritten note with your child upon returning to school to authenticate the absence as being excused.   Please include your child's full legal name.

    The school board has established that legitimate absences for going to the doctor, dentist, or eye doctor and appointments with the courts or attorneys (along with supporting documentation) are not limited.  Students attending religious services or religious instruction (along with supporting documentation) are also excusable with advance notice to the school.  Advance notice is 3 days prior to the religious event in writing to the school.

    Special situations may be excused too.  Special situations may be a deployment, major illness, death of an immediate family member (parents, siblings, grandparents or others living in the home).  Special events like public functions and national/state competitions may also be excused.  Whenever possible, permission to be absent should be acquired prior to the absence.  Contact our office if your child competes in events that involve travel and time away from school (for example Junior Olympics).

    State of Florida Mandated Attendance

    There is no difference between excused absences and unexcused absences when it comes to classwork.  Both excused and unexcused absences require the student to make up missed assignments.  The difference is substantial when it comes to our students' driving privileges.  The State of Florida has mandated that students have good regular attendance.  If the student is habitually truant, the state will revoke the student’s driving privilege (or the ability to get a license).  Missing 15 days or more in a 90-day period will suspend the students' Florida Driver's License.  Once a driving privilege is revoked (suspended), it takes 30 days of nearly perfect attendance to have the privilege returned.  For Richard O. Jacobson Technical High School, habitual truants will be referred to our Child Study Team who review attendance for problematic students and work together to support the students’ success in school. 





    Students are considered tardy to class if they are not in the classroom before the final bell.  It may sound technical - but the student's body must be in the classroom - the physical being must be in the room.  Leaving a bookbag, being in the hallway or in the restroom does not count as actually being in the room.  Technically, students are to be in their classroom seat waiting for instruction by the final bell. 

    We are only able to excuse tardies for appointments that happen before school - such as a doctor's appointment, dentist appointment or appointment with an attorney.  Oversleeping, car issues or other reasons for being tardy are not excusable by county policy.  Documentation of the appointment will be necessary to verify the activity.