About Us

  • Richard O. Jacobson Technical High School at Seminole (Tech High) offers Pinellas County high school students the opportunity to step out of their normal high school day and into classes which offer a unique, "real world" style education. Hands-on learning combines with academic know-how to help equip students with job skill advantages right out of high school.

    Our mission at Tech High at Seminole is to help prepare students for the world of work and post secondary education through training and experiences which provide relevant job readiness skills and prepare all students for employment.

    Classes offered include:


    Today's Tech High offers classes which challenge those interested, tech-savvy students. Anyone who prefers "hands-on" learning with classes that are concentrated and focused on higher-level learning and training that industry dictates is essential should find many things to love about Tech High. Several of our classes now offer students the opportunity to earn industry recognized certification.

    For enrollment information, contact your home school guidance counselor or our Tech High guidance counselor.

    School Improvement Plan