Fundamental Information

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    Membership in fundamental schools is a privilege enjoyed by interested and qualified Pinellas County students.
    Therefore, students are expected to exhibit exemplary achievement and conduct while in membership in these programs.
    The fundamental school provides for those students who work best where expectations are clearly defined. A strong
    emphasis is placed on the requirement that home and school work together to promote successful learning.

    The fundamental elementary school includes kindergarten through fifth, the middle school includes grades 6-8, and the
    high school is grades 9-12. A quiet, well-disciplined, and structured learning environment is maintained. All rules and
    policies are strictly enforced. The fundamental school incorporates instructional methods and curriculum based on
    Florida State Standards and Pinellas County Schools Student Expectations. These schools deliver the same approved
    core curriculum as other schools. A collaborative spirit exists within a framework of mutual respect, cooperation, and
    regard for the rights and property of others, and is viewed as an integral part of the school environment.