• The Talent Development Program in Pinellas County Schools provides differentiated enrichment for students who have shown above-average abilities and talents but who are not currently identified as gifted.  Students are identified for the Talent Development Program at the beginning of the school year using criteria provided by the district gifted office. Currently, we use student scores on gifted screening tools or the Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) assessment to identify potential students.


    Once placed, students will leave their traditional classrooms once per week for about 30 minutes to work with other Talent Development students and the school’s gifted and talented teacher. The Talent Development Program is designed to provide differentiated and relevant learning opportunities outside of the general education curriculum. This program exposes talented learners in grades 2-5 to gifted and talented pedagogy in order to increase critical thinking skills and potentially grow gifted characteristics.


    Our Talent Development Program uses a STEM curriculum that integrates engaging reading, writing and mathematics activities. This project-based learning approach provides natural opportunities for critical and creative thinking, problem-solving and leadership development – skills necessary for workplace success in the 21st century.