Gifted/Quest Program


    Q.U.E.S.T. for gifted learners
    Q.U.E.S.T. stands for Question, Understand, Explore, Service, Think
    Q.U.E.S.T. curriculum is centered around the Florida Frameworks for gifted learners. (see below)
    In QUEST, all students are required each year to complete a research project following the IIM method (Independent Investigation Method).
    Although it looks different at each grade level, all students follow the same seven research steps:
    Topic Selection, Goal Setting, Research, Organization, Goal Evaluation, Product, and Presentation.
    This year we are studying Interactions and Ecology with an emphasis on the Rainforest.  We've been discussing in class what interactions are and where there are interactions in the rainforest and all around us.










    The goal of the Gifted Program in Pinellas County is to go beyond the general education curriculum, to challenge students to reach their learning potential, and to stimulate their multiple intelligences. Students’ unique abilities are strengthened through various activities as we develop the following 7 gifted goals based on the Florida Standards for Gifted Learners:


    • Complexity of Knowledge
    • Leadership
    • Goal Setting
    • Multifaceted Questions           
    • Research and Exploration   
    • Authentic Products and Performances  
    • Creative and Critical Thinking


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