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    The goal of the Gifted Program in Pinellas County is to go beyond the general education curriculum, to challenge students to reach their learning potential, and to stimulate their multiple intelligences. Students’ unique abilities are strengthened through various activities as we develop the following 7 gifted goals based on the Florida Standards for Gifted Learners:


    ~Complexity of Knowledge           ~Leadership     ~Goal Setting     ~Multifaceted Questions

    ~Research and Exploration    ~Authentic Products and Performances   ~Creative and Critical Thinking


    **Students are evaluated on their progress toward these goals through an annual progress report.  The progress report is specifically aligned to the child’s EP (educational plan).


    The 6 Thinking Hats and CoRT Thinking Skills are frequently integrated into many lessons to promote cooperative learning and higher order thinking skills. Public speaking, group dynamics, creativity, and leadership skills are also practiced and strongly encouraged.  Mathematics is also one of our focus areas, and problem solving is an integral part of the gifted curriculum.


    This school year the gifted program has a science-based theme, Inventions and Inventors!!  This year we will explore the incredible world of inventions and inventors.  The gifted program students will look at how creative and critical thinking helps with the problem-solving process.  This topic allows the gifted program to also have a STEM focus.  The gifted program offers learning experiences to enrich students’ education and meet the rigor required through the Florida Standards for Gifted Learners.


    At Bay Vista Fundamental, the gifted program is named QUEST!  QUEST for Knowledge!







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