Student Recognition

  • Positive Recognitions


    Jazzy Jaguar



    Teachers select their student of the week or Jazzy Jaguar as we now call them. Teachers make the week special for these students. They are line leaders, wear a special shirt or sit in a special desk for the week. They all have their name announced on the news program along with the committment to character trait they exhibited.


    Student of the Month

    Students are selected by their teachers for their outstanding citizenship. The first Friday of that month students select a friend and eat out in the Rainbow Garden.


    Prinicpal's List and Honor Roll

    All students in grades 3 through 5 are eligible to receive Principal's List and Honor Roll each grading period. Students' names are placed in our newsletter and they are given certificates and special treats from our business partners.


    Keys to Good Character

    As part of Bay Vista's Committment to Character program students who display one of the following characteristics: Responsibilty, Respect, Honesty and Motivation are given keys to good character. These are announced on our morning show and displayed in our hallways.


    Bay Vista Bucks

    Our school wide incentive program is centered around positive practices that emmulate BVF's Guidelines to Success. Students can earn Bay Vista Bucks from any staff member. Students can use thier Bay Vista Bucks to shop in our school store.