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Bay Vista Fundamental


New volunteers will need to download the registration paper on the link. Fill

this out and return it to school with a photo copy of your driver's license.

Background checks are done on all volunteers and this can take up to 3 weeks.

Please check with your child's teacher about volunteering and your status.

Field Trip Drivers- If you are planning on driving on a field trip this year,

you must be a registered volunteer. Please click on the link labeled- field

trip driver- download the form and return this a copy of your vehicle

insurance and vehicle registration to the office one week prior to the trip.

Veteran Volunteers- Those individuals that have volunteered at Bay Vista or

another Pinellas County school simply need to bring there license and

reregister on the computer in the front office. A copy of your license will

be taken at that time.

All volunteers must be Level 2 cleared if they will supervising children out

of sight of staff. This would include:overnight field trips, driving on field

trips, attending field trips where students are broken into smaller groups

without staff member present in all groups. Level 2 clearance is good for 5


You can get your level 2 Fingerprints done at Neighborly Care network located

at 13945 Evergreen Ave. in Clearwater from 8-4 each day. Call 573-9444 for

more details. Mention Bay Vista for a discount.