Swim Lesson Information ~ April / May 2023

  • Swimming Pool Picture
    Swim Lessons 2024 begin the week of 4/29/24
    The PE department is eagerly anticipating another fun-filled swim program. Please review all the swim information sent home and included in call-outs. Lake Vista pool staff, trained lifeguards, will teach all students based on their swimming abilities. We highly encourage all students to participate. The skills gained during this week by emerging swimmers are truly amazing.
    *Put your child's name on everything*
    • Provide a swim bag for your child's dry undergarments and a towel that can be used for a wet swimsuit and a towel after swimming.
    • Children should come to school dressed in their swimsuits and change into their dry clothes and undergarments after swimming.
    • Send your child with a dry towel, sunscreen, and water. (For morning swimmers apply sunscreen before school.)
    • Tennis shoes are required NO SANDALS OR CROCS.
    • Students may bring goggles, labeled with their name.
    • Students are responsible for the items they take to and from the pool.
    • Students not attending swim will attend regularly scheduled PE class.


    This unique program hosted by our PE department takes a great deal of work and planning; parent support through volunteering is fundamental to our Jaguars’ success.

    If you are a registered, active volunteer that has signed up to help with the Swim Program, please review the information below. Student safety is our priority.

    Pool volunteer expectations:

    • You will sign in with a driver's license or Level II Badge in the Front Office. If you have not registered on the Swim Volunteer Sign-Up as a registered volunteer, you may not attend.


    • You will wear a volunteer badge and return it to the front office when you are done (Level IIs will retain their badges but sign out).


    • A Level II volunteer may be asked to assist/ supervise students as needed, this may include in locker rooms.

    We need locker rooms checked before students enter and a clearing sweep after all students exit. There should be an adult in the locker rooms at all times. Students need to change quickly and can address socks, shoes, hair combing, etc. outside of the locker rooms. We need to prioritize safety and timeliness.


    • You will be on time and escort students to and from Bay Vista to Lake Vista Pool.

    This includes assisting with crossing streets, stopping traffic, if need be, and keeping students together in a group for safe travel. Student safety is paramount.

    • No cellphone usage while escorting students.


    • Students need to be in a single file line on the sidewalk not in grass or in the middle of the road: help them achieve this.


    • Volunteers need to be spread throughout the line to supervise students.


    • You will wear attire that is appropriate for fundamental guidelines (adults do not swim).



    • You will help students follow Jaguar Guidelines for Success.