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PTA School Calendar

  •                             Bay Vista Fundamental School 

                              PTA School Calendar 2019--2020

    Meeting Times:

    6:00       PTA General Membership Mtgs.

    6:30       SAC Meetings


    12          Meet the Teacher

    22          Required PTA General Meeting &

                  Open House (K-6)

                  Grades K-2   5:30

                  Grades 3-5   7:00



    2            Labor Day – No School

    9            SAC Meeting

    10-11     Grandparents Days

    16          Required PTA General Membership Meeting

                  @ Lakewood High School

                  Focus: Fundamental Guidelines &

                  Alternate Meeting Credit Guidelines

    26          Spirit Night-Sweet Charlie’s Ice Cream Shop



    2            Staff luncheon

    7            SAC Meeting *

    12          Airheads Bay Vista Family Day*

    14          No school

    17          Required General Meeting Family Wellness

                  Event at BV

    21          First Annual PTA Family Dinner Social*

    25          Treat Trail (meeting credit if volunteering)*



    6            Staff luncheon (meeting credit for volunteers)*

    11          SAC Meeting*

    13          Great American Teach-In (meeting credit to volunteer/present)*

    16          Fall Festival (meeting credit to volunteer/attend)*

    18          Required PTA Gen. Mtg. & Family Math Night

    25-29     Thanksgiving Holidays – No School



    6            PTA Movie Night(meeting credit to volunteer/attend)*

    9            SAC Meeting*

    16          Spirit Night-Beef O’Brady’s*

                  4775 34th Street South

    21-31     Winter Holidays – No School



    1-5        Winter Holidays – No School

    6            No School

    13          Required PTA General Meeting

                  Focus: Testing/Curriculum Night

    20          Dr. MLK Day – No School

    22          Spirit Night-Chuck E. Cheese



    3            SAC Meeting*

    5            Staff luncheon (meeting credit for volunteers)*

    10          Required PTA General Meeting &

                  Family Literacy Night

    TBA       PTA Father/Daughter Dance *

                 (or Uncle/Grandpa/Family Friend)

    17          No School

    TBA       Spirit Night @ TBA*

    TBA       Gifted Showcase*

    TBA       Fun Run



    2           SAC Meeting*

    9           Required PTA General Meeting & Ice Cream Social

                 Focus: Walk-a-thon

    10-11    Field Day  (meeting credit for volunteers)*

    16-20    Spring Break – No School

    23          No School

    24          Spirit Night-Sweet Charlie’s Ice Cream Shop*



    1            Staff luncheon (meeting credit for volunteers)*

    3            SAC Meeting*

    8            Staff Luncheon (meeting credit for volunteers)*

    10          No School

    13          Required PTA General Meeting & Family Science Night

    14          Jump Up Night*

    TBA       Spirit Night @ TBA*



    4-8        Teacher Appreciation Week

    6            Staff Luncheon (meeting credit for volunteers)*

    25          Memorial Day – No School


    *****8 required meetings per year OR an alternate meeting credit can be obtained.  The alternate credit MUST be within the same month as the required meeting.


    *Meeting Credit-Alternative meeting credit options will be reviewed at the required Sept. PTA General Membership Meeting.

School Information

  • Student Hours:  8:15 AM - 2:25 PM


    Car Circle:  Students may arrive on campus as early as 7:45 AM and report to their line-up area.  Students will enter classrooms at 8:05 AM. View Car Circle Map

    Traffic Flow Map


    Tardy Bell:  8:15 AM


    Breakfast Hours:  7:45 - 8:10 AM


    Office Hours:  7:45 AM - 3:00 PM



    Bay Vista Fundamental Fast Facts for Parents 2019-20


    • School hours for students are 8:15 AM – 2:25 Note we have extended our day by 10 minutes!


    • Breakfast begins at 7:45 AM and will be served daily in the cafeteria until 8:10 Please make sure your child is on time if he/she plans to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. Upon finishing, they will participate in Walking Club until 8:05.


    • Breakfast is offered at no charge to ALL students this year. If families need proof of free lunch, please contact Debbie Rivera, cafeteria manager at 893-2335.


    • All K-5 students eat in the cafeteria. Parents may join their child for lunch in the Rainbow Garden, but must be signed in at the front office and on the clinic card as an approved contact to do so. Visitor badges must be visible at all times.  NEW Security Measure:  Parents must return visitor’s passes to the front office prior to leaving campus.


    • Students are NOT permitted to be dropped off prior to 7:45 AM as there are no adults to watch them. Students may arrive on campus as early as 7:45 AM and enter at Rainbow Garden to have breakfast in the café or go to walking club. Walking club is for students in grades 1-5 only. NEW Security Measure: While parents may not attend breakfast with their student, we do invite you to join your child for lunch in the Rainbow Garden any day after signing in at the front office.


    • Kindergarteners will be admitted into the kindergarten building as early as 7:45 to report to their indoor line-up area. Kindergarten building doors will be locked at 8:15.


    • Gate by the media center will be open from 8:05 to 8:15 AM for student entry.


    • After 8:15, all gates will be locked and students must enter through the office.


    • For our walkers, we will only be using the first crosswalk this year for safety reasons. An adult will be there to stop traffic and assist with safe crossing.  The second crosswalk will not be used this year for crossing.


    • Access to the parking front parking lot will be restricted to the entrance off of Dr. MLK Street during drop and pick-up times. Access will not be accessible from the car-line and will be coned off.  This will streamline our traffic and safety.


    • Students are welcomed to their classrooms at 8:05 AM and are to be seated and ready to learn promptly by 8:15 Students will be marked tardy if they are not in their classrooms by 8:15 AM. Attendance is vital to learning and is monitored closely.


    • Dismissal is at 2:25 All car riders in grades K-5 will be dismissed to the car circle in the front of the school.


    • Parents of car riders will need to complete a tag with child’s name, grade and teacher to hang in the window so we can call students’ names and make sure the car circle runs smoothly.


    • Parents picking up students early must come to the front office to sign their children out of school. In order to sign children out, a person MUST be listed on the clinic card and have a valid state ID. We will NOT release students otherwise. We will not release students past 2:00 pm. Please plan accordingly.


    • The R’Club is available for before/aftercare. They are located in the cafeteria. Their phone number is 727-433-4286. Students may be dropped off as early as 6:30 a.m. and picked up as late as 6:00 p.m.  Clemmye Barnes is the on-site ‘R Club facilitator.


    • Please sign up for PTA. Membership is $7.


    • If your child will need to have prescription or over the counter (OTC) medication during school hours, it is important for you to visit the front office PRIOR to school starting. Both types of medications require additional paperwork that must be completed by a parent and/or doctor. Students may NOT transport any medications to school.


    • Please make sure your child knows how he/she is getting home every day. Contact the front office with any changes AND write a note to your child’s teacher.



    • Cell phones may be brought to school by students, but they MUST remain off inside backpacks. They may NOT be visible on campus at ANY time or they will be confiscated.


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