• Arrival/ morning Drop Off:

    • Students should not be on campus prior to 7:45 a.m. It is imperative that all families respect this request. 
    • We ask that students and families continue our protocol of not congregating in the front of the school. Therefore, parents may not gather on campus or drop students off before 7:45.
    • The R’Club has before and after care for those that need it. These programs open at 6:30 am. Please contact Mr. Dominic for more info (727) 433-4286 or (727) 578-5437. After 7:30, R'Club families should utilize the parking spaces to the south of the cafe when dropping off students in the morning. 
    • All students should arrive via the car circle unless he/she is a walker or arriving via bus/van with a before-school program. All adults MUST stay in their car while dropping-off or picking-up students. Students should only exit cars from the passenger side. 
    • Students in car seats should be on the right side of the car and ready to exit, with all items in hand. Staff members and patrols will be available to assist for a safe and timely arrival/dismissal out of/into the car. 
    • Upon arrival at 7:45-8:05, students will enter campus through their assigned grade level gate which is color-coded. Color coded gates are for ARRIVAL ONLY. Parents may not escort students to class. 
    • Grab & Go Breakfast Carts are located just inside each gate to pickup a pre-packaged meal to eat at one of our designated outdoor dining areas. 
    • Students arriving after 8:05 who are eating breakfast will pick-up from a Grab & Go Cart and report directly to class. Breakfast concludes at 8:10. 
    • Please plan for all students to arrive by 8:05 to ensure they have enough time to walk to class before the final, tardy bell at 8:15. Students MUST BE IN CLASS BY 8:15 to avoid a tardy
    • All gates will be locked at 8:15. Tardy students must be walked up and signed-in at the front office by a parent/ guardian.



    • For families with multiple students, please drop your children off at the youngest student's gate.
    • Parents may not enter campus to escort students to class •
      • Green Gate - ENTER LEFT THRU LANE TO AVOID THE PURPLE GATE. Kindergarten-students will enter the kindergarten building. (GREEN Entrance) If they are having breakfast, a cart will be stationed between the K buildings for those students. Students arriving prior to 8:05 will sit between the two kindergarten buildings. Staff members will support K students during arrival and breakfast.
      • R’Club-Students will enter the cafeteria directly from the car circle prior to 7:35. •
      • Blue Gate – 1st , 3rd, and 4th grade (between main bldg. and K bldg.)-ENTER IN LEFT THRU LANE to miss Purple Gate. •
      • Purple Gate / Rainbow Garden Gate - 2nd and 5th grade-ENTER CARLINE IN THE RIGHT LANE. •
      • Orange Gate -58th Avenue – Before/After School Vans only students will receive colored bands for their backpacks as a reminder of their assigned arrival gate. It is imperative that students only enter campus at their assigned gates. Please do not remove the colored bands from student backpacks for the first month of school.


    Dismissal/ afternoon Pick-up:

    Please be patient during our first few days of dismissal. Like the start of every school year, dismissal can seem a bit chaotic.

    Please DO NOT line up in the left lane of car circle (closest to MLK) before 2 pm. This blocks traffic flow and prevents emergency vehicles from getting to our campus should we need them.


    • Please remain in your car during dismissal. 
    • Students will be dismissed through the car circle as a "car rider" unless they are a "walker" or a "van rider".
    • Assigned carline lanes are for A.M. arrival only. Please use either lane for P.M. dismissal. Students may only be loaded into cars from the passenger side. 
    • HANG TAGS FOR CAR RIDERS: You will be given a name tag sign to hang in your car to assist staff with calling for your child as you arrive in the car circle for dismissal each day. It is imperative that you hang this sign from your rear view mirror until your student is in your vehicle. 


    • Parents may not walk onto campus to pick-up students. All students not leaving campus in a car or van are considered 'walkers'. Staff members will accompany walkers to the PARENT MEETING POINT by 2:30. Please be on time to pick-up students or students will be sent to carline for pickup. Parents may meet their walkers at the PARENT MEETING POINT in the grassy area near the staff parking lot on Dr. MLK Street. Parents should NOT cross the crosswalk/carline to meet or pick-up students (see map below).
    • Staff are unable to accommodate walk-ups for students who are not designated walkers or whose adults arrive after 2:30 pm. Parents who walk-up after 2:30 pm to pick-up their students, will be redirected to join the car line. Students will not be called to meet walking parents as it will interfere with the efficiency of the car line and 'walkers'. 


    • Please make sure your student knows how they are going home each day.
    • Please inform your child's teacher, via the agenda or pcsb email, of any changes in how he/she will go home on a given day.
    • All parents must use the car circle to drop-off and pick-up students daily if their student is not a 'walker'. 
    • No early dismissal after 1:45 p.m. as it interferes with closing instruction and dismissal routines. 
    • Students picked up after 2:50 will receive a tardy.

    carline map