• Athletic Participation Paperwork

    Complete Athletic Participation Paperwork

    This paperwork is required to participate in athletics.  It must be done each season.  If an athlete participates in multiple sports, they do not have to submit these forms a second time.  

    1. Print Packet and fill out 

    Participation form and Physical Forms


    1. Create an account at https://athleticclearance.fhsaahome.org/


    - SIGNATURES SECTION : There are electronic signatures in this section (no need to print these out).

    - FILES SECTION : Submit ALL FOUR PAGES of your (sports physical) EL2 form (even though it just says 'please upload only page 4'). 

    - You will also upload your school insurance in this section (see 2 below)

    - You will also submit your 3 online course certificates (see 3 below)

    - You do not need to get forms notarized!

    Participation form and Physical Forms

    Insurance Link


    1. Purchase School Insurance


    Go to the site to purchase school insurance. You must purchase school insurance regardless of your medical insurance coverage. 

    1. Required Online Courses

    Concussion Test

    Cardiac Test

    Heat Illness Test

    Every student athlete in Pinellas County is required to complete the 3 free online courses regarding concussionssudden cardiac arrest, and heat illness.

    - Make an account https://nfhslearn.com/

    - Take the free courses,

    - Download your PDF certificate.

    Upload certificates with your online paperwork to athletic clearance.


    These courses and tests must be completed by the student-athlete, not a parent, and completed before he/she participates.


    An image of athletic equipment on a background of green grass including baseball glove, soccer ball, football, tennis rackets