Report Student Absence

  • Please click the link below to send an email to the school. Include the Student’s Name, Date of Birth, Grade, Homeroom Teacher (if known), Date Absent and Reason. If applicable, please attach any documentation to support the absence. When complete, click the send button.


    For Covid-19 Related FAQs for PCS Students and Families, please visit:


    Note: Please do not use this link to request Permission to Leave School Early (PTL) this link is for reporting absences only.

    Report Student Absence  

    For PTL's (Permission to Leave)

    • Students must have a note from their parent/guardian stating the date, time and reason for the PTL.
    • Students may obtain a PTL before the start of school at 7:25 from the front office.
    • Following the two steps listed above enables parents/guardians easy and timely pickups.
    • Emergencies happen. However, due to staffing and student schedules, we cannot guarantee a timely response for picking up your student.