• New Khan Academy SAT Practice Opportunity

    No registration necessary. (unless you wish the ½ elective creditStudents will be able to get personalized practice for the SAT in school computer labs. They will have the support of a Pinellas County Schools teacher as they prepare for the SAT using Khan Academy's SATpractice.org website.

    Keeping Cool with Khan - Click here 

    Transportation: Parents will be responsible for providing transportation for their children. Dates: June 6 - July 13

    *No Summer Bridge July 3 or July 4 Hours: 8 - noon Days: Monday – Thursday

    Attendance is voluntary, unless you are wanting to earn the ½ elective credit.

    USF Offers Free Campus Event
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    Why do students take the PSAT? 
    The Advanced Studies team wanted to share an updated video with you that talks about the reason we use PSAT in our district and provides information about SATpractice.org. 


    Dual Enrollment Book Pick-Up
    Freshmen Registration Information
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    2017-18 Curriculum
    2017 Bank of America Student Leader Program
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    Dual Enrollment 

    High school students attending Pinellas Technical College (PTC) have the opportunity to be dual enrolled in post-secondary courses tuition free! These courses give students credits toward a high school diploma and a career technical certificate. Hours completed at PTC may also transfer as credit hours to local and state colleges. Courses are available on both the Clearwater and St. Petersburg PTC campuses.

    Pinellas Technical College Clearwater Campus

    6100 154th Ave North

    Clearwater, FL   33760

    (727) 538-7167 Ext. 2006

    Pinellas Technical College St. Petersburg Campus 

    901 34th Street South

    St. Petersburg, FL  33711

    (727) 893-2500 Ext. 2520

    Contact your high school guidance counselor to see if you are eligible to take Dual Enrollment classes at Pinellas Technical College.  

    Visit the Pinellas Technical College (PTC) Dual Enrollment website 

    PSAT Information
     Students can review their PSAT scores online at https://studentscores.collegeboard.org.  Students click SIGN IN or SIGN UP depending on whether or not they already have a College Board account.  This is the same account used to access AP and SAT scores.

    ·         Note:  If a student does not see his/her PSAT score report after logging in, they should click the “Add Scores” button.  At this point the student MAY be prompted to enter their PSAT access code which is printed on the front of the hard copy score report.

    Khan Academy – Free SAT Practice


    —  Click green button labeled “check it out now”

    —  Click “sign up with email”

    —  Enter in First Name, Last Name, Email (must be an email you can access and cannot be a student’s pcsb email), birthdate and click “sign up”

    —  An email is sent to the email provide to verify

    —  Open email from Khan Academy and click on the “Finish Signing Up” button

    —  A welcome screen will appear where the student will enter username and password and click “sign up”

    —  Student enters the site and sees a button on the left side of the screen that says “sign in to CollegeBoard.org” and follows the prompts to link their PSAT results to Khan

    For more information, check out this clip on YouTube:


    Virtual School Enrollment 
    Enrollment in Pinellas Virtual School is one way students can meet the state’s online credit requirement. Under Florida’s Digital Learning Act, students are required to complete an online course as part of the state’s 24-credit minimum needed to graduate. Honors courses and popular electives, such as HOPE and Driver's Education are offered as part-time curriculum aligned with Pinellas County Schools. Families can enroll online at www.virtualschool.pcsb.org.
    Bright Futures- Graduating Seniors

    If you have not already applied for the Bright Future's Scholarship, make sure you do this as soon as possible. You can apply by going to www.FloridaStudentFinancialAid.org, select State Grants, Scholarships & Applications and then select Apply Here. You must complete this application and turn your volunteer hours into the Guidance Office before the end of your senior year. In addition, you must also have the qualifying GPA and ACT/SAT scores to be eligible.

    Learn more about Pinellas Pathways to Graduation

    The Pinellas Pathways to Graduation Web presence is now live on the district's website with a link accessible from the home page ( https://www.pcsb.org/). The link includes information about changes to high school graduation requirements that were made at the state level as well as descriptions of three routes Pinellas students can pursue on their path to a high school diploma: the Advanced Scholar Pathway, the College Scholar Pathway, and the Technical/College Pathway. The family-friendly presence includes an FAQ about Pinellas Pathways to Graduation and provides details on Counselor Connect, a new online academic planning tool that families can use to track student progress regarding Pinellas Pathways. The site can be accessed directly at www.pcsb.org/pinellas-pathways.


    Parent/ Teacher Conferences: Parents are encouraged to confer reguularly with teachers through Portal or Phone concerning their child's progress. Parents should first try to resolve concerns with specific teachers. Individual conferences with a specific teacher can be made with that specific teacher, but you also can request one with your child's counselor.

    Guidance Conferences: Guidance counselors are always available to meet with parents to discuss concerns and offer stragegies to make their child more successful.

    District Homework Helpline offers homework help and guidance assistance

    Pinellas County Schools has a great resources about guidance-related issues. Staffed by teachers who are certifed in Math, Science, Language arts, and Social Studies. The district Homework Helpline offers free homework help for students in grades 1 through 12.

    Homework help is available at 9727)547-7223 from 5 to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday on all school days, except when there is no school the following day. The helpline is now being staffed with certified guidance counselor who can answer general questions about promotion, graduation requirements, college and career guidance, and other important topics.


    Students that need transcripts printed, mailed or sent electronically need to see Mrs. Sheplak in the front office in order to fill out the purple transcript slip. Each transcript cost $1.00 and there is usually a 24 hour turnaround time. This must be done before school, after school, or during lunch.


    Guidance Links

    The College Board 

    The College Search Database


    Prep HQ - Type eastlake in the School / Program ID

    Complete List of Accredited Online Colleges and Universities in Florida