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Supply List

Here is a standard list of items a student should have available in your child’s bookbag.  Only a few of these items need to be carried each day.  Paper, pens, and pencils are standard items.   


PLEASE limit light colored pens or glitter pens for writing.  These inks make it difficult to read.


· Water Bottle w/name on bottle

· Umbrella—Small collapsible

· Scientific calculator,  (about $12)  is required for math & testing. (no cellphone may be used as a calculator)

· Planner

· Flash Drive

· Graphing calculator for Algebra 2 & higher course   TI 84 ($88+) **

· 1” Binders

· College Ruled Notebook Paper

· College Ruled Spiral Notebooks

· Blue & black ink pens

· Pencils

· Personal Disinfected Wipes

· Graph Paper (for Geometry)

· Composition Books  J

· Pocketed Folders  J

· Colored Markers  J

· Construction Paper  J

· Colored Pencils  J

· Highlighters  J

· White Glue  J

· Index Cards  J

· Glue Sticks  J

· Poster Board  J

 J Good to purchase while sales are running, but may not be needed.