Family Engagement

  • What better way to show your children that you support education than to become engaged in their education!


    Now, more than ever, your involvement and support for our school is needed.  There are so many ways that you can be engaged in your child’s education – regardless of whether they are in elementary or high school!  Here are some ideas:


    • Make it known that you value education and it is a priority.
    • Talk with your child daily about their school day, homework assignments, and activities.
    • Attend parent/teacher conferences and address concerns early.
    • Help with homework. 
    • Remind your child to complete their homework.
    • Find volunteer opportunities at our school – in the classroom, media center, office, mentoring, tutoring, field trip chaperone, booster clubs, etc.
    • Check Portal consistently to get an update on your child’s grades and progress.
    • Join our school’s PTA/PTO or become a SAC member.
    • Visit our school’s website for school activities and events.
    • Visit the Pinellas County Schools/Family Engagement website ( for other specific areas of interest.
    • Download the FREE PCS Family Engagement APP on your Apple or Android phone.  Search by “PCS Family Engagement.”


    These are just some of the ways that you can be engaged in your child’s education.  What I want you to know is that “parents do make a difference!” When you are engaged the benefits are great:


    • improved academic performance
    • higher attendance rates
    • improved behavior
    • graduates who are prepared to succeed
    • teachers who are able to focus on education
    • increased community respect
    • successful schools/students = successful communities