Bullying and Harassment Information

  • Say Something Anonymous Reporting System




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    Say Something Anonymous Reporting System allows you to submit secure & anonymous safety concerns to help identify and intervene with at-risk individuals BEFORE they hurt themselves or others. You can do this by reporting observed threats, behaviors, actions and harassment. Here is an example of some of the most common behaviors and incidents to report:

    » Assault

    » Abuse (physical, verbal)

    » Bullying or regular intimidation

    » Bragging about an upcoming planned attack

    » Depression, anxiety or loss of  self-control

    » Fighting

    » Gun Violence/Violence

    » Harassment

    » Hopelessness, excessive guilt or worthlessness

    » Reckless behavior

    » Social isolation or withdrawal

    » Substance abuse

    » Suicide threats, cutting or other self-harm

    » Theft

    » Threats

    » Weapons (use of and/or discussion about)

    Sometimes it’s not always easy to spot the warning signs.

    We want your child to feel safe at school. We have provided a link for you to report any bullying incident anonymously so the issue can be addressed.

    Conflict vs. Bullying Chart